Sunday, September 28, 2014

Industrial Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL offers several products specifically designed for industrial applications. AMSOIL industrial lubricants are formulated to exceed accepted industry specifications and deliver exceptional performance and protection in a wide variety of applications.
Learn more about AMSOIL industrial products by downloading a data sheet below, or contact AMSOIL Technical Services for product recommendations or to place an order.
Synthetic SG Series Extreme-Pressure Gear Oil
AMSOIL SG Series Synthetic Gear Oil's advanced synthetic formulation is fortified with extreme-pressure (EP) additives to provide industrial-grade performance and protection. It is designed to exceed the increased protection needs of gears and bearings operating under severe-service and shock-loading conditions. SG Series Gear Oil delivers complete gear box protection, with an emphasis on extreme-pressure gear protection, heat resistance and cold-temperature operability.
Synthetic RC SERIES R&O/AW Gear and Bearing Oils
AMSOIL Synthetic RC Series R&O/AW Gear and Bearing Oils are formulated with high-quality synthetic base stocks and additive systems that effectively reduce wear and protect equipment by maintaining viscosity, resisting thermal and oxidative breakdown, inhibiting rust and resisting the degrading effects of water.

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