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Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Zero to 60 in 2.95 seconds, the all-new 2015 Chevrolet® Corvette Z06. Coming soon from Chevrolet you can now place orders for the car. Act fast these cars will be limited in production and command a premium price. Good news, it’s worth every penny and then some! Base price somewhere in the mid $70’s. For the car you would gladly pay in the high six figures. No doubt this car will be legend!
This will be the first Corvette® to offer a supercharged engine. 6.2L V8 SAE certified at 650 horsepower delivering 650 lb-ft of torque. This will be GM’s crowning achievement at the most powerful production car in General Motors history.
Corvette® Z06 Highlights:
Ø  Titanium Intake Valves & Rods.
Ø  Dry Sump Oil System.
Ø  Carbon Fiber Roof & Hood.
Ø  Composite Floor Panels
Ø  Hydroformed Aluminum Frame
Ø  Adjustable Rear Spoiler Wickerbill
Ø  Paddle Shifters
Ø  8 Speed Automatic Transmission
Ø  7 Speed Manuel Transmission
Racing meets the street. The aluminum structure is 20 percent stiffer than the previous fixed roof Z06. Giving this Z06 no need for structural reinforcements.
2015 Chevrolet®Z06 is available in 4 packages:
*Z06 Aero Package – Level One
The standard Z06 features a front splitter, spats around the front wheel openings, a unique carbon-fiber hood with a larger vent, and a rear spoiler from the Corvette Stingray’s™ available Z51 Performance Package.
Z06 Carbon-Fiber Aero Package – Level Two
An available Carbon-Fiber Aero Package (in either black or a visible carbon-fiber finish) adds a carbon-fiber front splitter with aviation-style end plates, carbon-fiber rocker panels, and a larger rear spoiler with a fixed wickerbill – a small, vertical tab at the edge of the spoiler that significantly increases downforce.
Z07 Performance Package – Level Three
The available Z07 Package includes the carbon-fiber rocker panels from level two Carbon-Fiber Aero package, adds even larger end plates to the front splitter, as well as with an adjustable, transparent wickerbill on the rear spoiler for track use. With this package, the Corvette Z06 delivers the most aerodynamic downforce of any production car that GM has ever tested. In addition to the aerodynamic elements, the Z07 Package also includes Michelin® Pilot® Sport Cup 2 ZP summer-only tires†, Brembo® carbon ceramic brakes. (*Source Chevrolet)

**An intuitive driving experience
The turn of a dial changes everything. With the Driver Mode Selector, you can fine-tune your driving experience with five distinct, selectable driver modes: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport and Track. Each mode electronically calibrates up to 12 performance variables to customize and optimize the Corvette Z06 supercar for any road.
Three of the dozen performance variables that the Driver Mode Selector can adjust are Magnetic Selective Ride Control, Performance Traction Management (PTM) and Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD). Standard Magnetic Ride technology adapts every 10-15 milliseconds, stiffening the suspension for performance driving without sacrificing a smooth ride. Available in Track Mode, PTM offers five settings of torque reduction and brake intervention for track driving.
Standard on Z06, eLSD makes the most of the torque split between the rear wheels. The system, which becomes more aggressive in Sport and Track modes, is designed to improve stability and responsiveness. eLSD also features a hydraulically actuated clutch that can infinitely vary clutch engagement and respond from open to full engagement in mere tenths of a second in order to improve steering feel, handling balance and traction. (**Source Chevrolet)
The new Z06 is equipped with Brembo® Ceramic brakes 15.5” front and 15.3” rear. Carbon ceramic rotors giving drivers peace of mind in braking situations. Carbon ceramic lighter in weight with incredible stopping power. Racecar technology gives your Z06 a distinct edge.
Z06 comes with 2 seating choices. A standard GT seat for all around driving experience. Or the aggressive completion GT sport seat with larger bolsters that pack you into the seat for more aggressive driving. Each of the seat choices are made with magnesium for lighter weight. With Nappa leather, carbon fiber accents and micro-suede the new Z06 is handsome in its appearance.  As you have read through the article you will notice distinct areas where weight has been trimmed to give the Z06 a lean belly.
How about real color choices:
v  Black
v  Arctic White
v  Torch Red
v  Blade Silver Metallic
v  Shark Gray Metallic
v  Night Race Blue Metallic
v  Laguna Blue Tintcoat
v  Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic
v  Velocity Yellow Tintcoat
v  Crystal Red Tintcoat
With a color pallet this diverse you are sure to fine the Z06 of your dreams!
Four distinct wheel choices 19” front and 20” rear:
v  Pearl Nickel Painted Aluminum Wheel
v  Chrome Aluminum Wheel
v  Sprectra Gray Aluminum Wheel with Machined Groove
v  Black Painted Aluminum
Each wheel gives the Z06 a handsome look, with Braun to carve the most aggressive driving experience.
***The new Corvette Z06 will come in three trim levels the 1LZ, 2LZ and 3LZ:
1LZ: GT seats with perforated Mulan leather seating surfaces or Competition Sport seats with leather seating surfaces and sueded microfiber inserts
2LZ: GT or Competition Sport seats with perforated Mulan leather seating surfaces; GT or Competition Sport seats with leather seating surfaces and sueded microfiber inserts
3LZ: GT seats with perforated Napa leather seating surfaces; Competition Sport seats with perforated Mulan leather seating surfaces; GT or Competition Sport seats with leather seating surfaces and sueded microfiber inserts.
All models feature a fully-wrapped interior, where every surface is covered with premium, soft-touch materials. Available materials, depending on the trim level, include Napa leather, aluminum, carbon fiber and micro-suede. There’s even a micro-LED screen for the passenger’s climate control placed below the vent on the dash, away from the performance features on the instrument panel.

Additional interior features include:

New Performance Data Recorder (included with the available navigation system)
Color driver information center is standard on all trim levels
Electric-locking glovebox
Eight-inch-diagonal color touch radio with Chevrolet MyLink is standard on all trim levels; a navigation system is standard on 3LT and available on 1LT and 2LT. Includes behind-screen storage compartment
Bose® nine-speaker premium audio system is standard on 1LZ
Bose® 10-speaker premium audio system – with bass box – is standard on 2LZ and 3LZ
Head-up display with color readouts – including g-meter in track mode – is standard on 2LZ and 3LZ
Keyless entry with push-button starting is standard on all trim levels
Rear-vision camera is standard on all trim levels
Power tilting/telescoping steering column is standard on all trim levels
Heated and ventilated seats are standard on 2LZ and 3LZ
Sueded microfiber-wrapped upper interior trim package is standard on 3LZ and includes headliner, visors, trim above windshield and rear window, A-pillar trim and area around quarter window
Interior colors: Dark Gray, Blue, Jet Black, Kalahari and Adrenaline Red. (***Source GM Media)
*Another first for the Corvette Z06 is the new Performance Data Recorder:
Performance Data Recorder
The award-winning, industry-first Performance Data Recorder – or PDR – enables users to record high-definition video, with telemetry overlays, of their driving experiences on and off the track. It was developed with Cosworth, the motorsports-engineering company that supplies the Corvette Racing team’s data acquisition and telemetry electronics system.

The PDR system includes three major components, all seamlessly integrated into the Corvette Z06’s interior. First is a high-definition camera, mounted within the windshield header trim, which records the driver’s point-of-view through the windshield. Audio is recorded via a dedicated microphone in the cabin.

Second is a self-contained telemetry recorder, which uses a dedicated GPS receiver that operates at 5 hertz, or cycles per second – five times faster than the in-dash navigation system, which allows more precise positioning and corner traces. Finally, the system features a dedicated SD-card slot in the glove box for recording and transferring video and vehicle data. Recording time depends on the capacity of the memory card, but an 8-gigabyte card can record approximately 200 minutes, while a 32-GB card stores up to about 800 minutes – more than 13 hours of driving time.

The PDR system can record video with three data overlay options, each rendered in real time:

Track Mode – shows the maximum level of data on the screen, including speed, rpm, g-force, a location-based map, lap time and more.
Sport Mode – shows fewer details on the overlay but includes key data including speed and g-force
Touring Mode – simply records and displays video and audio of the drive with no data overlay
Performance Mode – records performance metrics, such as 0 to 60 mph acceleration, 1/4-mile speed and elapsed time, and 0-100-0 mph runs.
The video can be viewed on the Corvette Z06’s eight-inch color touchscreen when the car is parked, or downloaded to a computer for further editing, and sharing video via social media sites. For users who want a more in-depth understanding of their performance, the PDR vehicle data can be opened in the included “Cosworth Toolbox” software, which combines Cosworth’s professional-level motorsport data analysis with an easy-to-use graphic interface. (*source GM Media)
You can easily see this is state-of-the-art technology packed into the Z06. For the first time in Corvette history racing technology is available in your new Corvette Z06.
If that was not enough what about available 4G LTE Wi-Fi in your Corvette. With Chevrolet MyLink your infotainment system will have you jamming to your favorite tunes, surfing the web (stopped of course) all from a super car that most certainly will become legend.
For rag top fans the Z06 will have an electric top with a key fob capable of lowering the top. Very cool to impress the most staunch car aficionado! In case that is not cool enough how about raising or lowering her top at up to 30 MPH. This will be the first convertible Z05 since 1963.
How about her stance. The Z06 will have a wider rear stance than her Stingray counterparts. She will need it delivering 650 hp…
**All-aluminum, high-tech foundation

The Corvette Z06 Convertible represents the culmination of more than four years developing an all-new, all-aluminum structure for the seventh generation Corvette. That structure, built at General Motors’ Bowling Green Assembly plant, was designed to the specifications of the Corvette Stingray, Corvette Z06 and the Corvette Racing C7.R.

“We wanted a frame that was lighter than the steel frame of the previous Corvette, yet strong enough for both a 600-horsepower convertible and a 24-hour endurance racer,” said Ed Moss, engineering group manager for Corvette structures. “That would not have been possible without improvements in computer-aided engineering software, which allowed us to model more than 17,000 frame iterations, with each iteration improving strength and stiffness, while reducing mass.”

The team used nearly 186,000 computational hours of modeling to develop the frame. It features main rails composed of five customized aluminum segments, including aluminum extrusions at each end, a center main rail section and hollow-cast nodes at the suspension interface points. The gauge of each segment varies in thickness from 2mm to 11mm, tailored – along with the shape – to meet the strength and stiffness requirements for each frame section with minimal weight.

These components are assembled using many advanced manufacturing processes, including:

439 spot-welds using a GM-patented process that uses a unique electrode designed specifically for aluminum
188 Flowdrill-machined fasteners installed by a high-speed drill that extrudes the frame material to create a strong, integral collar tapped for bolt-on fasteners
113 feet of structural adhesives used in conjunction with welding and fasteners to increase overall frame stiffness
37 feet of laser welds, which join frame sections via a precise beam of high energy that minimizes heat beyond the weld area for improved structural accuracy.
The only structural differences between the Z06 Coupe and Convertible are provisions for mounting the power-folding top, and repositioned safety-belt mounts. (**Source GM Media)
This is way cool bonus:
Official Corvette driving school
Take full advantage of your new Z06 through an exclusive program at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. You’ll learn techniques to sharpen your driving skills, including mind-speed processing that helps overall coordination. This program is available for the first purchaser or lessee of a new 2015 Corvette only.
This paints a pretty remarkable picture of what Corvette Z06 customers can expect. For car enthusiasts that act now, ownership of the all new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will assure your place in automotive history. This car is destine for the record books in every way.

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