Monday, October 13, 2014

Taking Care of your Car

Have you ever had to call work and tell your boss “I am having car trouble”? Not a fun call to make. Let’s talk about the importance of how to properly maintain your vehicle. What can happen if you don’t?
If you look at proper care and maintenance of your vehicle in the sense that you are taking care of a child, we don’t let our children eat mountains of candy or neglect them a healthy diet. Our automobiles require similar care. Without it they become sick, break down and worse still can leave your stranded.
Here is an easy check list of things you can do regularly to help your car run at peak performance:
ü  Maintain proper tire inflation. Check your tire pressure every-other fill up at the gas station. Low pressure tires cause drag, requiring your engine to run at a higher RPM. This causes undue stress on your engine. Not to mention improper inflation is a safety issue. Causes tires to run hotter with a greater risk of blow-out. Keep your tires properly inflated.
ü  Regular scheduled oil changes per your car makers recommendations. This is the best preventative maintenance you can do for your automobile. Fresh clean oil allows your car’s engine to run smoother with less stress on engine while running. Old oil looses viscosity, losing its ability to lubricate.  Not a good thing at all! Old sludgy oil can cause more problems putting a high amount of stress on your engine. Pistons are harder to push; RPM’s are increased to compensate reducing performance and fuel economy. The stress of the engine working hard put’s undue stress on other components reducing effected components life. Make sure you’re checking your oil at least every other gasoline fill-up. Don’t let your engine oil run low this to can cause extreme stress on your engine. Not a bad idea to keep a quart of oil the same brand that you currently run in your trunk safely stowed.
ü  Filters, air, and gas. Your car breaths air just as you do. It needs good clean air to run smooth; this is why your car has filters. The gas filter makes sure that no contaminants get into your engine via gas. Bad gas can cause real problems, real expensive problems! So take the time to replace your filters at regularly factory suggested intervals.
ü  Transmission service. Make sure you follow recommended factory checks.
ü  Regular radiator flush. Keeping quality coolant in your engine will keep your engine at the proper temperature, thus giving you optimum performance in cold or hot weather conditions.
Proper care and maintenance will be the best preventative maintenance you can do. Let me stress how important good oil is for the life of your engine. The less stress your engine has from friction, will give your engine extended life, better fuel economy and less visits to the shop. Consider using quality synthetic oil. Check with us for factory recommended oil and drain intervals.
Like we stated before taking care of your car is similar to taking care of a child. Let our certified mechanics watch over your vehicle. 

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