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RV Repair

If you're in need of repair to your RV, Howdy Ranch RV has certified technicians to service your RV needs. We have a 5 bay shop that can accommodate Class A motor-homes, Fifth Wheels, so we have plenty of space to service your trailer. We service pop-ups and travel trailers as well.

We do insurance work for damage and work with most insurance companies.

RV repair done by professionals will give you the peace-of-mind your trailer will be serviced right.

  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Body Shop
  • Outside Service, Service Calls at your location.
We work with most extended warranty companies, so if you're traveling and need help, Howdy Ranch RV is your hometown service center locally or away from home!

Corpus Christi, Texas, Mathis, San Antonio, Rockport

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Marine Oil Environmentally Conscious

HP Marine™: High Performance, Low Aquatic Toxicity

HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke OIl (HPM) can help you get hours of trouble-free enjoyment out of your two-stroke outboard and personal watercraft.
Maintaining today’s two-stroke marine motors can intimidate even experienced enthusiasts. Like passenger cars/light trucks, many two-stroke outboard motors come equipped with computerized controls and sophisticated fuel-injection systems designed to deliver the extra power enthusiasts want while providing the reduced exhaust emissions the government mandates. The leaner gas-to-oil ratios these engines use mean less oil is available to lubricate and protect a hotter, more powerful engine, inviting deposits and wear that threaten engine performance and life. Using HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is one of the easiest steps anglers, boaters and personal watercraft owners can take to ensure their equipment provides hours of trouble-free enjoyment. As an injection oil or 50:1 pre-mix, HP Marine is specifically formulated to control harmful deposits and wear in today’s advanced two-stroke marine applications and is recommended for all two-stroke outboards.

Prevents Ring Sticking & Piston Scuffing

To prove it, AMSOIL put HP Marine to the test in one of the most demanding two-stroke marine engines on the market – the 250-hp Evinrude® E-TEC®. The E-TEC is unique in that it offers a lean-mix setting that allows the engine to use less oil. Over 500 hours of real-world operation powering a marine rescue vessel, almost all at the engine’s lean-mix setting, HP Marine completely prevented piston ring sticking and piston scuffing. The lubricant also limited deposits throughout the engine and provided excellent wear protection for the cylinders and bearings. HP Marine is as advanced as the engines it protects, helping enthusiasts get the most out of their equipment. Complete test results are available in the Marine E-TEC® Field Study (G2968). HP Marine also boasts proven low aquatic toxicity. AMSOIL set the standard as the first lubricant manufacturer to incorporate testing developed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); it reveals a 100 percent survival rate of Daphnia Magna neonates (water fleas) and fathead minnows exposed to increasing concentrations of HP Marine mixed in water. HP Marine is the perfect lubricant for marinas and those who value performance and environmental sustainability.
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Premium Protection for Marine Applications

Bruton Motor Sports / Marine Products

With the popularity of boating and fishing on the rise, premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants keep you on the water.
Research into the marine market reveals boating is on the rise, with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) reporting a 2 percent increase in sales of new and used boats between 2008 and 2012. In addition, 37.8 percent of the population participated in recreational boating in 2012, a 6 percent increase from 2011, while the 2012 Special Report on Fishing and Boating reports that fishing remains the most popular recreational activity in the country, surpassing running, camping, hiking and biking.

Boat Engine Options

Boat applications can be broken down into three primary methods of propulsion. Available in both two- and four-stroke designs, outboard motors are self-contained units (engine, gearbox and propeller/jet drive) that mount outside the hull of the boat; inboard motors are enclosed within the hull; and sterndrive (inboard/outboard) designs situate the engine forward of the transom, with the drive unit outside the hull. According to the 2012 U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Report, 67 percent of registered mechanically powered boats are powered by outboard motors, while 20 percent feature inboard motors and 13 percent have sterndrive motors.

AMSOIL Products for Marine Applications

A successful day fishing or boating hinges on the reliability of marine engines. Deposits and wear from high-rpm operation and all-day trolling can limit performance and even shorten engine life, especially in newer engines that run hotter and produce more power. AMSOIL synthetic marine lubricants, including Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Synthetic Motor Oil (WCT, WCF) and HP Marine™ Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (HPM), are formulated to control harmful deposits and wear in outboard, inboard and sterndrive motors.

AMSOIL products are ideal for boaters because they effectively reduce time and money spent on maintenance and increase fuel economy. In fact, research reveals maintenance and fuel costs are foremost on the minds of boaters. The top three reasons ex-boaters cited for giving up their boats are cost of maintenance/ storage (37.8%), cost of fuel (27.8%) and time constraints (17.8%).

AMSOIL Products for Tow Vehicles and Trailers

Don’t forget about tow vehicles and trailers. AMSOIL offers not only premium synthetic marine oils for boat motors, but AMSOIL synthetic motor oilsdiesel oils and drivetrain fluids for tow vehicles and Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease (GWR) for trailers. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and diesel oils help reduce maintenance and downtime and extend drain intervals, allowing increased time on the water.
Cold Weather

Bruton Motor Sports

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My AMSOIL Garage

MyAMSOILGarage originally launched on the corporate website as a supplement to the AMSOIL Auto & Light Truck Lookup system. It provided a virtual “garage” in which users stored all their passenger car/light truck information, eliminating the need to re-enter it each time a product lookup is performed. The ability to track oil and filter changes and establish email oil change reminders was also included.
MyAMSOILGarage has proven extremely popular since its launch, and the next logical step was to expand its capabilities beyond the Auto & Light Truck Application Guide. Users will notice the following additional features:
  • The ability to store information for virtually any vehicle, including motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, heavy-duty trucks and more.
  • The ability to store information for stationary equipment, including compressors, chop saws, generators and more.
  • Advanced email reminder capabilities.
While MyAMSOILGarage provides easy and fast product lookups for many applications, it has also become a complete vehicle and equipment maintenance software program.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface includes a customizable folder tree down the left-hand side of the screen and a bigger workspace. The enhanced interface neatly stores and organizes information for an unlimited amount of vehicles and equipment.

All Vehicles and Equipment Accommodated

Vehicle and equipment information is customizable. Users can create records for vehicles not contained in the drop-down menus, including vintage cars, farm implements, semi-trucks and more. If the user owns it, MyAMSOILGarage can accommodate it. However, product recommendations may be limited. 

Unlimited Maintenance Records

The previous system wasis designed to track not only oil and filter changes, but also additional maintenance services including air filter, transmission, coolant, fuel filter, spark plug, tire and wiper service. Additionally, users can manually enter any other type of maintenance service not included in the drop-down menu, allowing storage of all maintenance services performed.

Email Reminders

Email reminders may be scheduled for any maintenance service performed on a vehicle or piece of equipment, including manually entered services. Each reminder can be individually scheduled to send on a specific date. A reocurrence schedule can also be set for every three, six or 12 months, or “never again.” A useful feature allows email reminders to be sent to a secondary email address only, allowing Dealers who manage customers’ vehicles to avoid flooding their own inboxes with email reminders.

Free to Use for Everyone

MyAMSOILGarage is free to use and available to anyone with an AMSOIL online account. Navigate to and click “MyAMSOILGarage” to create an account and to begin filling your virtual garage.

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2012 Harley Davidson Street Bob V Twin Test

A 2012 Harley Street Bob is put through some of the most extreme heat testing at the AMSOIL Mechanical Test Facility in an effort to see if and when AMSOIL 20W-50 motorcycle oil could fail. Temps rose to 550 degrees, well above the average temp of 280-300 degrees. Watch to see how the oil held up after the extreme testing. 

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Performance Testing Reveals Best of Vehicles

A look at the unique tracks of the 90-year-old Milford Proving Ground  

DETROIT – To develop performance cars, automakers depend on fundamental analysis, but it’s the test tracks and road courses that bring out the best in a vehicle. The collection of roadways assembled at the 90-year-old Milford Proving Ground has more than 140 miles covering parts of two Michigan counties.

“The proof is in a powerful ride like the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 that won Motor Trend’s 2014 Best Driver’s Car,” said Dick Knoll, Chevrolet Camaro lead development engineer. “Because of our Proving Ground, we can put the vehicle through the paces that a customer purchasing the car will put it through and then some.”

To get these powerful cars ready for track days as well as day-to-day driving, Milford Proving Ground employs test tracks including:
·         The North South Straight Away – Built in 1955, it provides a three-lane, 3-mile-long road without twists so that a car can reach its maximum speed. There is a high-speed turnaround on either end of the straight away.   
·         The Milford Road Course – Developed in 2003 under the leadership of Bob Lutz, the former GM vice chairman who wanted the Proving Ground to have a road course to emulate specific sections of race tracks around the world. The 2.9 mile course consists of 17 turns, each designed to test specific performance requirements along with significant elevation changes to ensure the vehicle performs under all suspension and aerodynamic-load conditions. The straight away allows for testing at speeds above 150 mph.

“I lobbied for it, all of a sudden it was approved,” said Lutz. “Look what’s happened to the ride, handling, steering, braking… everything of GM cars. We’re better than the best of competition and part of the reason is we have that facility. The lessons learned on steering, tire grip, braking, etc. that are learned on very high performance vehicles, some of that translates all across the line.”

·         Black Lake – Built in 1968, the 67-acre asphalt surface allows engineers to develop and refine traction control, electronic stability control and brake performance. By moistening the lot with a water truck, engineers can replicate wet road conditions.  
·         Ride and Handling and Noise and Vibration roads include the Fenn Holden area (named after the first director of the Proving Ground), the Oval track, and the Ride & Handling/Noise & Vibration loop.

Driving on these tracks is about 1 percent of the performance testing. The rest of the time consists of preparing for the drive to ensure the information gathered provides guidance for further refinement and not just a seat-of-the-pants thrill. During a test trial, an engineering team can collect data on more than 220 channels at any given moment.

“To make the world’s best vehicles, you need the world’s best people along with the world’s best facility,” Knoll said. “We are fortunate to have both.” 

Globally, General Motors has other Proving Ground facilities including in Lang Lang, Australia, Shanghai and Yuma, Ariz.

General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM, TSX: GMM) and its partners produce vehicles in 30 countries, and the company has leadership positions in the world's largest and fastest-growing automotive markets. GM, its subsidiaries and joint venture entities sell vehicles under the Chevrolet, Cadillac, Baojun, Buick, GMC, Holden, Jiefang, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling brands. More information on the company and its subsidiaries, including OnStar, a global leader in vehicle safety, security and information services, can be found at  

Source: GM MEDIA

Bruton Motor Sports News

First Time RV Buyer

I know a lot of CCRV readers are veterans of the RV lifestyle, but I thought I would take some time for the folks considering their first travel trailer or motorhome. The tips contained here may also be of value for current owners of a recreational vehicle because as time changes, so do our needs. Of course if you have any questions and want to get started, you know which Texas RV dealer to visit, right?
  • Decide how you will use your RV. Is it for weekend use? Will you want to use it as a camper trailer? Will you being taking expended road trips with it? Your actual use of an RV is one of the biggest factors in determine what type of recreational vehicle may be best for you.
  • Who is the RV for? Sounds like a simple question but knowing the answer can help you make a better decision. Is it just for two? Is it for a growing family? Will grandkids be traveling?
  • Learn more about the various RV types available. These include class A, class B and class C motorhomes, fifth wheel travel trailers, travel trailers, folding trailers and truck campers.
  • Consider what RV options are “must haves”. RVs for sale in Texas, or anywhere for that matter, will have an almost unlimited amount of amenities. Which are critical for you?
  • Decide on a budget. Price insurance. Remember, an RV can actually save you money on family trips. You may also find used RVs for sale that can serve your purposes.
  • Find an RV dealer you can trust. Of course we hope you’ll visit us at Corpus Christi RV.
Learning about Rvs and the RV lifestyle is fun and exciting. There is nothing quite like hitting the open road, whether it is for a weekend, week, or as a full-time lifestyle. Everyone will agree that RVer camaraderie is one of the best things about the activity, and RV clubs can be a great way to learn about the RV lifestyle. There are online discussion groups as well.
At CCRV you will find virtually any type of RV you could hope for. We have used and new options, and we welcome first time buyers to come out and browse. You can walk around, take a look inside and ask our staff all the questions you would like. We even have materials you can take home and review.
Spending time at an RV dealer like CCRV may be the best way for first time RV buyers to learn about recreational vehicles.
Have any particular questions? Be sure to submit them to CCRV!

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Garcia, Magnussen, Briscoe team up for thrilling victory in TUDOR Championship opener

No. 3 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R led more than 350 laps in thriller
· Gavin, Milner, Pagenaud third in GTLM with No. 4 Corvette C7.R
· Action Express Racing, Wayne Taylor Racing finish on Prototype podium in Corvette DPs

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Jan. 25, 2015) – Corvette Racing returned to Victory Lane for the Rolex 24 At Daytona on Sunday, scoring a hard-earned GT Le Mans class victory in the opening race of the 2015 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship. Antonio Garcia, Jan Magnussen and Ryan Briscoe won in their No. 3 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R in Corvette Racing’s second race back at Daytona since 2001.

Garcia crossed the finish line by 0.478 seconds. The winning trio completed 725 laps – 2,581 miles – for the team’s second Rolex 24 victory. Corvette Racing captured and Rolex 24 overall win 14 years ago but didn’t race at Daytona again until last season in the first race for the TUDOR Championship as well as the Corvette C7.R.

GTLM pole-sitter Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner and Simon Pagenaud placed third in class following a strong run.

“This is my second 24-Hour race with this team," said Mark Reuss, GM Executive VP of Global Product Development, Purchasing & Supply Chain. "To come here to see the Z06 in its second year win at Daytona is special. It has been a long time since this team has won at Daytona. Everybody on this team worked so hard and it shows. They never gave up, and there were a couple of things that went wrong as they always do in a 24-hour race. The car and the drivers and the team, they worked so hard, and it all came together. The harder you work, the luckier you get. So here today with the C7.R, just so proud."

Jim Campbell, U.S. Vice President Performance Vehicles and Motorsports added: "To have both of the Corvette C7.R teams on the GTLM podium for the Rolex 24 Hour is a testament to the Never Give Up attitude of the crew and drivers. Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner and Simon Pagenaud continually battled back from adversity to get a podium finish.

"It is a special day to take this victory in front of our Chevrolet and Corvette owners,” Campbell added. “The support from our guests in the Corvette Corral at Daytona and Chevrolet fans around the world is a huge reason for today’s success.”

The two Corvette C7.Rs were the class of the field throughout the race. For much of it, the GTLM fight resembled a 24-hour sprint race. The rate attrition was extremely high with nearly every car in the class experiencing at least a moderate amount of damage or mechanical trouble. The only one that stayed out of significant trouble was the class-winning Corvette.

The Garcia-Magnussen-Briscoe trio led more than 360 GTLM laps and took the lead for good with 90 minutes left when the then-class leader experienced trouble in the pitlane. The No. 3 Corvette responded shortly thereafter with a perfect stop for tires and fuel to increase its lead. Garcia – as he, Magnussen and Briscoe had been throughout – was precise and clean in the final run to the checkered flag.

Gavin, Milner and Pagenaud were the equals to their teammates three-quarters through the race. Despite two unscheduled stops to repair slight damage, the No. 4 Corvette ran with its sister car until Milner came upon a slow prototype car that nearly came to a stop just before the Turn 6 complex just three hours from the end.

The crew of the No. 4 Corvette had to repair front and front-side components and lost four laps in the meantime. Nevertheless, the result was enough to send both Corvette C7.Rs to the TUDOR Championship podium for the first time since last April’s Long Beach round.

Sunday’s results placed both Corvette Racing entries in the top two positions of the Tequila PatrĂ³n Endurance Challenge in GTLM. The competition is made up of the four long-distance events on the TUDOR Championship

Action Express Racing, Wayne Taylor Racing Post Prototype Podiums
Two Corvette Daytona Prototypes filled the TUDOR Championship’s Prototype podium at Daytona on Sunday. Action Express Racing’s No. 5 Corvette DP of 2014 Rolex 24 winners Joao Barbosa, Christian Fittipaldi and Sebastien Bourdais placed second – just 1.333 seconds from a repeat victory.

Wayne Taylor Racing’s trio of Jordan Taylor, Ricky Taylor and Max Angelelli placed third in their No. 10 Corvette DP. It marked the second straight season that multiple Corvette DPs placed in the Rolex 24 top-three.

“Congratulations to Wayne Taylor Racing, team owner Wayne Taylor, and drivers Jordan Taylor, Ricky Taylor and Max Angelelli on a strong effort today in the Rolex 24 At Daytona,” Campbell added. “In a race this close, it takes a tremendous level of preparation, focus and execution to be in contention. Today, the drivers, engineers and crew at Wayne Taylor Racing and Action Express Racing did just that. This is a very good start for Chevrolet in the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship Prototype class.”

The race featured 59 lead changes, and three Corvette DPs – Action Express Racing, Wayne Taylor Racing and Racing – each led during the event.

The race was the first for the C7-styled Corvette DP with all four finishing in the race’s top-seven.

The 2015 TUDOR United Sports Car Championship continues with the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida on Saturday, March 21.


NATE SIEBENS:  Let's slide over to the GT Le Mans winners.  Let's start with the trio from the No. 3 Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C7.R.  It's the team's second Rolex 24 at Daytona win, first since taking an overall victory in 2001.  It's also Antonio Garcia's second Rolex 24 win where Jan Magnussen and Ryan Briscoe, both this is their first win.  Ryan, let's start with you.  How does that new Rolex feel?

RYAN BRISCOE:  It's beautiful.  I've been coming here since 2005, so yeah; I wasn't a big fan of this place until now.  It's just such a tough race.  Jan and I were talking about it before we came in, for both of us it's the first time we've ever done the race without going back to the garage.  I think that was a huge part of us winning today was staying out of trouble.  There's so much action all race long.  I felt like it was a sprint race out there from the word go, in our class at least, and the racing was very good but very tough, a lot of fun, but very hardfought.  I think the key was keeping our nose clean, having a fast race car at the end of the day.

NATE SIEBENS:  Antonio, obviously you know what it feels like to stand atop the podium here at Daytona.  You did it in 2009 with Brumos Racing in an overall victory.  Any difference here today with this group?

ANTONIO GARCIA:  Not really.  Every time you win here it's very, very special.  I've been chasing this victory since 2009, even if I won it back then.  This is a very unique race.  The first race of the year, so it's very difficult to be at 100 percent right away for the team, for the drivers, and it was just a normal perfect race ‑‑ not normal I have to say.  Everything ran perfect, and as Ryan said, we just kept our nose clean, and I had the best car to fight on the last eight minutes of the race.

NATE SIEBENS:  Jan, you've had other big wins obviously in your career, but maybe put into perspective getting this one here for the first time.

JAN MAGNUSSEN:  Well, it was a hard one for me to win.  I've tried 11 times.  I've always felt that I was within a shot of winning the race, but we always had to go back to the garage sometime to fix something, and that was the big thing this weekend was that we had a really, really fast race car, and we were able to push hard.  We stayed out of trouble, no mistakes; no damage to the car, good pit stops, great pit stops, and that was the key to winning this race.

Q.  Early in the morning I think you and some other GTLM teams drove nearly identical lap times with the prototype cars.  Do you think this new United SportsCar Championship and GRANDAM together, we can see or expect in maybe one of the next races a GTLM car taking the overall win?

JAN MAGNUSSEN:  I doubt that.  This place is pretty unique.  We have really long straights in the GT cars.  The GT cars have quite good top speed, so that counts for us.  I don't know that the tracks that we're going to that we will have a situation where a GT car can win overall, but that really depends on if they go completely berserk in the P class.  Maybe.

NATE SIEBENS:  Can you talk about the level of competition in your class?  Seems like top to bottom every team and every driver lineup is really, really strong.

ANTONIO GARCIA:  That's the good thing about this race.  It's the first race of the season, and you have drivers coming from many other series.  You have every single manufacturer has their best drivers coming here, and we show that, BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari.  You couldn't see a better lineup overall for all the manufacturers here.  And I think we show that.  Since lap 1 all the way to the last lap, we showed that GTLM is very competitive and teams are extremely competitive, too, and you can't afford to do any single mistake.  Very proud that I was in the right car, and we just did what we had to do, drive a perfect car.

NATE SIEBENS:  Gentlemen, congratulations.  Thank you very much for joining us, and we'll see you all at Sebring.



NATE SIEBENS:  We're joined by our second and thirdplace finishers in the Prototype category.  Start with our secondplace finishers today, defending race champions, the No. 5 Mustang Sampling Corvette DP.  Christian, obviously you guys also won the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship Prototype title last year.  Another strong start, but one position shy I guess this time.  Your thoughts?

CHRISTIAN FITTIPALDI:  Well, pretty much what you said, one position shy, but at the same time, we'll take it because I think that from the getgo we never had a perfect car, and we were struggling with the car during the whole race.  We tried to make a couple of changes, but it got better, then it got worse, then it got better, but it didn't go completely our way, so we'll definitely take the points, and they are going to be very important for the championship, especially when it comes down to the last race of the year.  You need the extra points, so maybe it's going to play in our favor.

But very thankful to Chevy, Action Express, Mustang Sampling, they definitely put a whole huge effort behind the program.  I'll tell you, this race is a lot of effort because you're pretty much preparing yourself the whole year for it, and everyone that's here obviously wants to win.

We didn't today.  Congratulations to the Ganassi boys.  They had a perfect run, and let's move on to the next one.  Thanks.

NATE SIEBENS:  Joao, talk a little bit about obviously you guys really had to battle back from I think about three laps down.  Talk about maybe what put you down and what it took just to get back to a position where you could battle for a potential victory here.

JOAO BARBOSA:  Yeah, I mean, I think it goes down to all the preparation the team has done in the last couple of years.  Unfortunately we had a problem with the fuel pressure that made me stop on track, but the team was prepared right away.  I mean, I think I lost probably like 10 seconds to fix the problem when I got to the garages and got back out there, so we lost three laps.

It wasn't looking very good.  We were three laps down for a long, long time, and we were kind of losing hope, but I think the team did an excellent strategy.  The guys worked really well in the pit stand and did perfect strategy.  I think we got two laps in one time, so put us back in contention.  We were able to lead quite a few laps after that, after we were on the lead lap, and overall we were pleased with our result.  If we can't win, then second is the secondbest thing.  It's very important for the points in the future.  The team has to be proud with what they have and where we come from.  Three laps down is never easy to come back in such a strong field, but you know, we're pretty pleased with second place.

NATE SIEBENS:  Sebastien, can you maybe share your thoughts of a pretty eventful, especially the eventful final 20 minutes or so of this race or 15 minutes of this race, during that period of time?

SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS:  Yeah, I guess for us, really when the sun got up, it started to get hotter and hotter, and we kind of ‑‑ we were halfway there when the night was there, and it got really cold, and the grip was a little better for us, and we could challenge a little bit, but when we were lacking grip, and that's been the story of the week and even at the Roar.  Really, there wasn't much going on.  I was kind of in for the last four stints and just did the best I could, but I wasn't too hopeful that I could give a shot to the 10 or the 02 because they were just plain quicker.

I guess we just are really happy.  There were mistakes made at the end, and you can always hope that something is going to happen and maybe you're going to end up in the lead, but you can't be that lucky sometimes.  It's kind of a surprise that we got second from the 10, because really that means that we cannot win the race for the points because the 02 is not a championship car.  It's a pretty good day for the team, and I'm just glad I could participate with the effort, and it's always great to race with these guys.

NATE SIEBENS:  Let's move over to our thirdplace finishers before we open it up for questions.  We'll start with Max Angelelli.  This is your team's third consecutive podium result here at the Rolex 24.  Obviously you were hoping to get a victory here on the 10year anniversary, I guess, of the one that you got in 2005.  Share your thoughts if you would, please.

MAX ANGELELLI:  Well, first of all, I'm happy to be here, in the top three finishing especially, because Friday we thought we couldn't make the race.  We had so many problems, electrical problems, and our guys, our team worked all night, and they solved the problem.  They gave us an ultra-competitive car Saturday and Sunday, hot and cold, and it's been good.  We were competitive, all three of us, and we fought like lions, and we are looking forward for the next challenge, the next race.

NATE SIEBENS:  Jordan, I think everybody probably would like to know what took place there the last driver change, what precipitated that.

JORDAN TAYLOR:  Well, I haven't spoken to everyone, but I just know that you can't drive four hours in a sixhour period, and I think we were creeping up on that.  It was just a small miscalculation, I think, an unfortunate one because we were right where we kind of wanted to be, second place on the restart.  I think we had a stronger car on restarts on cold tires, so it was a perfect opportunity to make something happen, but I mean, it's hard for us as drivers to complain too much because our part of this race is very minor compared to what they have to do.  We've gone 72 hours now without going to the garage once, without losing a lap, so that's a testament to our team.  We never have anything bad to say about them.

NATE SIEBENS:  Ricky, I'm sure you weren't expecting to be getting back in the car there, especially with so few laps and so few minutes to go.  How long does it take you to get yourself geared up to jump back in there like that?

RICKY TAYLOR:  Yeah, I was not happy to be back in the car.  The plan was always, we knew it was going to come down to making a little bit of fuel, and Jordan is the best out of the three of us at doing that.  He's always been good at fuel mileage and maintaining a pace while saving fuel, so our engineer told me when I got out of the car this morning, I was probably done because I'm not so good on saving, and then the way it kind of fell down at the end was just a matter of ‑‑ they knew what they were planning, they knew the rule, it was just when Max had to get out of the car, the way the circumstance went, they were thinking of so many other things.  There were just so many factors that went into it.  I wasn't happy to get back in the car after Jordan there.

Q.  Ricky and Jordan, I know it might be hard to kind of put everything together emotionally, but can you talk about the disappointment this year on top of what happened last year, which was also something kind of freaky and just how it just seems you guys are snake bit here?

RICKY TAYLOR:  Well, this one is much harder than last year.  We haven't had TC or the electronics working the entire weekend, and the guys had less than five hours of sleep the entire weekend, just working on the TC and working on getting all of our electronics working.  Then we started the race, and it was all still not working and the engine was cutting out.  We were having all sorts of electrical issues, and I thought, you know, we might not finish.  We might never solve this issue if we couldn't solve it all weekend.  But the guys did an incredible job.  It was kind of an accumulation of all the things that they tried throughout the weekend, and then they finally nailed it on the first stop of the race and gave us an absolutely incredible car.  It's just a shame that after all that effort we weren't able to produce a result for them.

Q.  Do you have anything to add to that?

JORDAN TAYLOR:  Not really.  Last year I think the 5 car had us on pace, and we were kind of where we thought we would be.  This year I thought we were really strong.  The 02 was obviously strong, but if we had track position I felt like we could have raced them this year.  I think having that last restart opportunity was like a golden ticket, and we haven't had that the past three years.

Q.  I was wondering if you could kind of take us through how you schedule out driver changes.  Is it decided beforehand, kind of a rough schedule, and then you make tweaks based off of how the race is going, or is it all kind of by the seat of your pants?

MAX ANGELELLI:  We schedule before and then we tweak based on the type of racing that we're facing.  If it's a fuelbased finishing, then we have Jordan, which is the best on that.  It depends also on the weather, the car condition, and many things.  But it's prearranged with little tweaks.

Q.  What are the strengths of the other two?  We know Jordan is good with fuel ‑‑

JORDAN TAYLOR:  I'm the only strength of the team.  Let's get that straight.  (Laughter.)

Q.  You mentioned weather?

JORDAN TAYLOR:  I don't know, you look at these races, and it's crazy.  I mean, you look at our car, we've got a couple scratches on it, and the stuff that, I mean, all these guys can say what a nightmare it is out there sometimes with some of the traffic.  To have these two guys, like all three of us, I think we trust each other so much; we've been together for so long, even before Ricky and I were driving.  To have that trust in a team, often during a 24hour the scariest part is going to sleep not knowing if you're going to wake up and your car is still going to be on the board.  So I know having them with me, you can always go to sleep with positive thought.

Q.  Max and Ricky, what was it like in the pits when somebody had to fess up and say, I've screwed up, we didn't count all the hours for Jordan?  What was it like in the pits there when that happened?

RICKY TAYLOR:  Nobody made a mistake.  It was just they had calculated it, and just the way that we'd planned it for hours and hours and they knew exactly what we were planning to do, and it was just at that time the way the fuel stint had worked, it was such a close call, and we were thinking about ‑‑ we were just so busy thinking about the last tire stop, what we were going to do with tires, two tires or no tires or what.  It was nobody's fault.

Q.  How close were you, how many minutes?

RICKY TAYLOR:  I don't know.  I think it was like five or ten minutes or something.

MAX ANGELELLI:  By a little.

Q.  Following up on that, Jordan, what was your reaction when they told you specifically you had to get out of the car, because that was not the plan and you looked like you were a little confused maybe?

JORDAN TAYLOR:  Yeah, well, obviously when you're about to restart with 10 minutes to go you're not expecting to get out of the car.  I figured I kind of had an idea about what it could have been.  There's no other reason for that to happen.  One thing crossed my mind was maybe they made a change to throw my dad in there to finish off the race, but I had a pretty good idea.

Q.  Jordan, I think around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning you had a little incident with the Action Express car on pit road.  Can you give some more explanation?  Did you not see the car?

JORDAN TAYLOR:  I saw him because I was passing him.  He braked a little earlier than me so I went to the inside, and I spoke to Beaux Barfield yesterday morning about if someone is a little slower on the pit entry if you're allowed to pass, and he said in his eyes that's the racetrack until you get to that line.  We were so early on our pit lane, he said it wasn't necessary for us to be in the highspeed lane so I entered the pit next to the 5 and I got a tap on the right rear.  I didn't think I did anything wrong.

FastScripts by ASAP Sports.

About Chevrolet

Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.8 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive & active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

(Source Chevy Team Racing, GM MEDIA)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Driving your RV in Mexico

The RV lifestyle gives travelers easy access to parts of North America they may have never visited before. Mexico is one of those often uncharted but incredible places. Traveling south of the border offers a whole new array of RV communities, desirable temperatures, a vibrant culture and unbelievable scenery you just can’t find in the U.S. If you haven’t taken your RV down to Mexico yet, you’ll be amazed at how safe and enjoyable Mexico RV travel can be.
Driving in Mexico
Driving in Mexico may seem daunting at first, but road improvements south of the border have made getting from Point A to Point B easier than ever before. The driving laws and traffic signals are very similar to ours here in the United States, and U.S.-style toll roads make travel between larger cities easy and safe. It’s important to stick to the toll roads whenever possible, because the secondary roads can be unpredictable, much longer and often in poor condition. Unlike in the United States, you never want to drive at night in Mexico. This is because unmarked speed bumps (known as topes) are extremely common, and they can do major damage to your rig. Take a look at this handy Driving in Mexico guide before heading south of the border.
Staying Safe in Mexico
Many RV travelers fear traveling in Mexico because it’s portrayed in the media as a dangerous country. Mexico, like the United States, has its safe areas and its dangerous ones. If you’re concerned about the safety of the area you want to travel, join one of many online forums for RV travel in Mexico. This is a great way to find an expat or RV community in the area you’d like to travel. You can also find out great information about the safety of the area and which routes are best for traveling there.
Before You Hit the Road
It’s important to do a lot of research before you plan your RV travels to another country. Pack plenty of maps and guidebooks to help you along your journey, and don’t forget to bring your RV.

Sales Manager
Howdy Ranch RV

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2015 Ducati 1299 Panigale

2015 Ducati 1299 Panigale

If you're a bike fan this is the Everest of Sport Bikes.

National Soup Month

January is National Soup Month, and there’s no better way to warm up on cool winter nights than with a hearty bowl of soup. This hearty and delicious shrimp and corn chowder is guaranteed to warm and wow everyone at your dinner table.
Corn and Shrimp Chowder
What you’ll need:
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 stalk celery (chopped)
  • 3 medium carrots (chopped)
  • 1 large onion (chopped)
  • 2 cans chicken broth
  • 2 packages frozen whole-kernel corn
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 3/4 pounds medium shrimp
  • 1/2 cup half and half
  • Fresh thyme leaves chopped for garnish
Cooking instructions:
  1. In a large sauce pot, melt the butter with the olive oil over medium heat.
  2. Stir in the celery, carrots, and onion, and cook until all of the vegetables are tender. Stir often.
  3. Set 1 1/2 cups of corn aside, and add the remainder to the pot.
  4. Stir in the chicken broth, thyme, pepper, sugar, and salt, and add 2 cups of water.
  5. Bring the entire combination to a boil.
  6. Reduce the heat, and allow your soup to simmer for roughly 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.
  7. Shell and devein roughly 20 shrimp, and set them aside for a garnish.
  8. Shell and devein all of the remaining shrimp, and cut them in half.
  9. In a 2-quart saucepan, boil roughly 2 inches of water. Stir in the 20 garnish shrimp, and continue heating until boiling. Reduce heat, and cook on low for roughly 1 minute. Drain the water, and keep the shrimp warm.
  10. In a blender, puree small batches of the soup until each batch is smooth.
  11. Return all of the soup to the large sauce pot, and stir in the half and half.
  12. When the soup is hot, stir in the sliced shrimp and allow the soup to cook on medium heat for roughly five more minutes.
  13. Separate the chowder into 10 bowls, and garnish them with fresh thyme and two whole shrimp.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DOMINATOR® Octane Boost

AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Octane Boost (AOB) significantly increases engine response and power in all two- and four-stroke gasoline-fueled engines by increasing octane up to four numbers. Just one treatment reduces engine knock, improves ignition and helps fuel burn cleaner. DOMINATOR Octane Boost is the recommended octane boost for all high-performance off-road and racing applications. Most users find one 12-ounce bottle of DOMINATOR Octane Boost for 15 gallons of gasoline provides the ideal performance increase. DOMINATOR Octane Boost is also excellent as a lead substitute at the same treat rates in collector automobiles, older off-road equipment and pleasure vehicles.
What is "engine knock" and why does it matter?
"Knock" is an uncontrolled and explosive ignition of a hydrocarbon fuel, such as gasoline, in the combustion chamber. It causes a knocking or pinging sound, robs the engine of power and, left unchecked, causes serious engine damage. Fuel's tendency to knock is measured by its octane number. Lower numbers denote greater knock tendency; higher numbers denote greater knock control. Knock may be eliminated with the appropriate octane number.
DOMINATOR® Octane Boost
Improves Performance in all Two- and Four-Stroke Gasoline-Fueled Engines
Maximizes power and improves performance in all two-cycle and four-cycle gasoline engines. Increases octane up to 4 numbers. Reduces engine knock, improves ignition and engine response, helps fuel burn cleaner and inhibits corrosion. Recommended for off-road and racing use.
Contact Bob Bruton
Bruton Motor Sports
We would love to introduce you to AMSOIL Racing and performace products! 

AMSOIL Products Save Money, Time and Improve Mileage, Performance

AMSOIL Products Save Money
Preferred Customer Travis McGhee of Newberry, S.C. credits AMSOIL products for good fuel economy in all of the vehicles he drives.

He started driving a 2008 Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 with the 6.6 Duramax diesel engine in 2009. The truck had about 500 miles on the odometer, and a conventional CJ-4 diesel oil was installed in the truck.

“Since day one, the truck had horrible fuel economy of eight miles per gallon,” McGhee said. “It caused the diesel particulate filter to regenerate frequently, about every 100 miles. The frequent regeneration diluted the oil with fuel and decreased fuel economy.”

The oil life monitor recommended an oil change every 1,800 to 3,000 miles. “This was more frequent than I thought an engine with an oil capacity of 15 quarts needed,” McGhee said. “I knew something was not right, but I didn’t know what. I hated this truck. It seemed like every time I turned around it needed a fuel fill, an oil change or some sort of maintenance.”

AMSOIL Products Lead to Increased Fuel Mileage

In 2013, McGhee started modifying his 2006 Pontiac GTO. “I was in the market for a high-performance oil at a reasonable price,” McGhee said. His research led him to AMSOIL products, and he became a Preferred Customer.

In April 2014, McGhee’s work truck was due for its 100,000-mile service. “Since I was a PC, I decided I would change all of the truck’s fluids to AMSOIL products, including the engine, transmission, power steering and the front and rear differentials,” McGhee said. “I immediately started getting 9.5 miles per gallon. I was very impressed.”

AMSOIL technical information showed McGhee that a cleaner tune-up of the truck could mean even greater fuel economy and extend his oil change intervals. “I had my truck custom tuned in July 2014,” he said. “Fuel economy went to 12 mpg and regeneration frequencies went to 300 miles.” He also started using AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean (ADF) and Diesel Cetane Boost (ACB). “Now I am at 13 mpg and regeneration frequencies are at more than 400 miles and getting better,” McGhee said.

He has logged 5,000 miles without the oil life monitor light coming on. “I now enjoy my work truck and love to drive it,” McGhee said. “Not only has the fuel economy gone up, but it also has much more power.”

Contact Bob Bruton our preferred customer program allows you to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale pricing, call me for more information.
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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Excels in Double-Length Performance Test

The Sequence IIIG Engine Test (ASTM D7320) is designed to evaluate automotive motor oils for oil thickening, piston deposits, oil consumption and engine wear during moderately high-speed, high-temperature service. It must be passed for motor oil to meet the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 motor oil specifications. Results in the 100-hour test are an important indicator of how well a motor oil will perform in real-world service.

Double-Length Test

Because Signature Series has historically performed well in the test, AMSOIL decided to push the envelope and subject the oil to a double-length (200-hour) Sequence IIIG Engine Test. 
Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil not only passed the double-length test, it did so with flying colors. Results show the oil delivered outstanding wear protection, deposit control and oxidative stability after 200 hours of testing. The complete results are available in the new Sequence IIIG Field Study. 

What it Means to Motorists

Modern engines demand increased performance from motor oil. Turbochargers, direct fuel injection, variable valve timing and other advancements improve fuel economy and performance, but result in increased operating temperatures, pressures and contaminants, while increasing the likelihood of viscosity loss due to mechanical shear. Motor oil today must guard against the negative effects of added stress for today’s sensitive engine systems to function as designed.
While not all motor oils may be up to the challenge, these test results prove that Signature Series offers exceptional protection against harmful deposits, viscosity increase and wear in the toughest conditions, helping motorists maximize the performance and longevity of their vehicles. Its ability to keep components clean despite increased stress helps sophisticated engine systems operate smoothly and demonstrate long life. Signature Series’ outstanding performance combined with its extended-drain capabilities offer a unique combination of quality and value not offered by other motor oils.

Bruton Motor Sports

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