Monday, January 12, 2015

Stuff To Do Camping with Bad Weather

While you try to plan your trip around the weather, it doesn't always work out, especially if you plan well in advance of the trip. Planning ahead allows you to get into camping areas that are high demand; however, it doesn't allow you to plan around the weather. When you plan a trip a week ahead of time, you can change those plans if the weather is going to be bad.
When planning weeks or months ahead of time, you should plan for some rainy days – this means you should have something to keep you occupied if you’re stuck inside, such plans to do some indoor sightseeing. After you prep your RV or have it serviced at Howdy Ranch RV, you’re ready to pack it up. Be sure to bring something for those rainy days.
Game consoles keep kids and adult occupied during bad weather. Since space is at a premium in many RVs, bring one or two games that the entire family enjoys.
Good movies also keep the entire family entertained. DVDs are small enough so that they don’t take a lot of space. If your RV doesn't have a DVD player, you can purchase a portable DVD player to plug into the RV’s television.
deck of cards offers many family games. Also, UNO or Skip Bo is a great family game and it doesn't take a lot of space.
Bring along a board game that doesn't take a lot of space. Store the pieces in a covered plastic container so they take less space. Unless you have a large table and lots of space to store extra things, Monopoly wouldn't be a good game, but something like RummiKub doesn’t take a lot of space.
Some types of crafts take very little space. If you enjoy crocheting or knitting some smaller projects will keep you entertained. Small hand-quilting projects can also keep you entertained on a rainy day.
Many RVs have an entertainment center where you can store extra things for a rainy day. If not, pack games and crafts in plastic tubs and store then in the basement storage. You can also store games and crafts in the under-bed storage in the main bedroom.

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