Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cool Gear for your RV

The cooler temperatures and shorter days of fall mean you need different RV supplies to enjoy your experience at the campsite and on the road. These are some of our favorite products from the Howdy Ranch RV online store that will make your fall travels better than ever before.
LED Light Strip With Remote
This LED light strip by Facteon is one of the best accessories you can get for those fall nights at the campground. When the sun starts to set earlier, this light strip with remote can provide all of the light you need. This 16-foot lights trip allows you to choose from 16 colors and special effects like fade, strobe, and flash. And you’ll love that your new lights are battery powered so you can take them anywhere.
Firestarter Sticks
These Camco fire starter sticks may not be one of our most expensive RV products, but you’ll love them on a cool fall evening. Start every fire quickly and safely even when it's windy or rainy. This 12 pack of sticks can be tossed in your RV kitchen drawer or in your pocket if you’re out adventuring.
Big Red Campfire
Have you ever wanted to take your campfire with you? Camco’s Big Red Portable Campfire tops campground restrictions again in-ground fires. You can take this campfire tailgating, to the beach, or over to your friend’s campground for an evening outside. Realistic log pieces, security latches, and a propane hose make this campfire perfect for all types of outdoor situations.
Spill-Proof Pet Dish
If you’ve ever traveled with a pet, you know how valuable a spill-proof pet dish can be on the road. This spill-proof dish by Valterra Products keeps all of your pet’s food or drink in one place, no matter where the road takes you. Even better, you can toss this dish in your dishwasher when you arrive at your destination.
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