Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Choose the Right GPS System

Navigating through crowded city streets is just as tricky as locating a lonely highway amidst miles of corn fields. Global positioning systems, also known as GPS units, use satellites to pinpoint your current location and regularly updated maps to give you the best directions. Only some of the many GPS units available work well in RVs. Some models offer special features to RV drivers, and one in particular stands out above the rest.
Best Dual System – The Co-Pilot SD Card or PC/Laptop Version
While other GPS units require mounting to the dashboard of your new or used RV, the Co-Pilot software is delivered on a small SD card or disc. You can install it on any satellite-enabled cell phone or computer with wi-fi access. It is designed for large vehicles like RVs and semi-trucks. The maps contain detailed information on height restrictions and traffic patterns, and the unit will warn you if your route contains hazards that you may have trouble passing in a 11 foot tall vehicle.
Best Customizable System – Garmin Nuvi 660
The 6 inch wide screen mounts on your dashboard and allows you to choose from dozens of different map options. Some maps are pre-loaded with destinations relevant to RV travelers, while others contain information on road hazards and weight restrictions. Many full-time RVers request this model from their Texas RV dealer because it allows you to program custom points of interest. If you travel a regular route, you can add in your favorite campgrounds, restaurants and other stops. This speeds up the process of requesting directions to the push of a button.
Best Overall System For RVs – Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 7710
A big 7 inch touchscreen is just one of the benefits offered by this model. This unit asks you to enter details about your RV and your driving preferences, including height, weight, length and your favored turning pattern. It creates completely customized routes based on this information. It also has thousands of sights and stops programmed in to help you create a trip you will never forget.
While all three of these GPS models will help you get to your destination, the TripMaker is the top model for its extra RV-specific features. Any RV you choose from your Corpus Christi RV dealer will work will this model due to its high level of customization.
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