Tuesday, February 3, 2015

RV Just Sitting Try This

If you’re a part time RVer, then you may wind up finding yourself sitting around at home wondering what to do with that big RV or travel trailer hogging up your driveway. What can you do with that RV when you’re not using it? Here are a few ideas:
A word of advice: don’t put an ad out in the paper or on Craigslist. Instead, rent to somebody you know, such as friends and family who are perhaps going through a divorce, between apartments, or otherwise unable to rent a place of their own. Renting your RV out or just letting friends stay in it can be a great idea.
The Clubhouse
So your wife has told you that she doesn't want you hosting the Superbowl in your living room this year, not after the mess you made last year. Good news: you've got a clubhouse on wheels right out in the driveway! You can host a party or event right in your driveway or take it on the road to a campsite or the parking lot at work.
The Home Studio
The song “Smoke on the Water” is actually about The Rolling Stones’ portable recording studio/van burning down, so… make sure that you keep the wiring in good condition if you plan on hooking any equipment up to your RV and laying down some tracks. A laptop, a few microphones and a trip out to somewhere where you won’t wake anybody up can transform your RV into a recording studio on wheels.
While not as interesting as the other ideas, your RV can be used for storage purposes. Just make sure you don’t put too much stuff in there because you’ll have to take it all back out the next time you want to use the RV for its intended purpose.
Your RV is an extra room, a pool house, a guest home for the folks, a recording studio, a clubhouse for you or for the kids… it’s anything that you want it to be. So after you drive off the Howdy Ranch RV lot, remember that it’s not just for traveling, it’s for anything you want to do with four walls and a roof!
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