Tuesday, February 3, 2015

RV'ing with Pets

RVing is great fun for the entire family including our four-legged friends. Whether it is a dog, cat, or a feathered friend, traveling with our extended pet-family is an adventure. 

Tips for Traveling with Pets
Pets are not necessarily natural travelers. It helps to subject your pet to road travel prior to taking an extended trip with short drives around town to get used to the movement of the vehicle. It also alerts you to any problems your pet may have with motion sickness. Let your pet explore the RV and put their blanket, bed, or pillow inside so they can associate the RV with home.
There are several things at the top of the list to keep in mind when traveling with pets. These include entertainment, exercise, food and water, clean up, and safety. Keep your pets entertained by taking along their favorite toys, blanket, rug, or catnip to keep them relaxed.
Carry extra food and water for your pet in case of emergencies. If they are on medication, have an ample supply before leaving home. Keep a copy of your pet’s medical history and veterinarian information with you in case your pet needs medical attention while traveling.
Exercise is important. Take advantage of stops along the way to secure your pooch and let him stretch his legs. Cats can also be walked as long as they have been trained ahead of time and are kept secure using a cat harness. At these stops, let the dog take care of business and set up a portable/disposable litter pan for kitty.
While traveling with your pet, keep them inside their crate, travel pet carrier, or secured with a pet harness. You never know what can happen while traveling and it is best to keep your pets secure and safe inside the RV. Never leave your pet alone inside a closed up RV or alone outside the RV.
Know the rules and regulations for any RV campground where you plan to stay. Each will have its own policies regarding pets within the campground. Be sure to follow the rules to keep you and your pets safe.
Tell us about your pets that you take with you on your Texas RV trips!
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