Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Take Your RV Somewhere Fun

Most folks have heard the idioms “April showers bring May flowers” or “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” Both refer to the extreme changes in seasonal weather. With 2014 starting off with record low and minus degree temperatures, it’s time to add another weather related idiom to the list.
Maybe something along the lines of, “New Year cold fronts mean warm weather destinations.” With the help of our staff at Howdy Ranch RV, we’ll get you on the road in a new or used RV for comfortable traveling to warm weather destinations.
RV travelers have a few locations to choose from when it comes to states with normally good weather all year round. These states each maintain a welcoming climate based on sun availability, minimal rain fall, and moderate temperatures.
The West Coast
On the west coast, California reigns supreme especially in the cities of Santa Maria, San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. Temps usually hover around the mid-60s year round as a low and 85 degrees as a high. Moderate rain and plenty of sunshine make the “Golden State” a popular vacation destination.
The East Coast
Along the east coast, RVers have several choices that include North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. From golfing in South Carolina, hiking trails in North Carolina, and visiting historical locations in Savannah, you’ll have plenty of activities to enjoy.
The Southwest
Arizona and Texas both experience hot summers and moderate winter temperatures and minimal rain. Tucson, AZ, has a variety of attractions for travelers along with temps that range from 65 to 85 degrees. In Texas, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Victoria, and Del Rio have comfortable temperatures during the winter.
The Gulf
Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State” has remained the go-to destination for many northern travelers. If you’re looking for the warmest locations in Florida, you won’t go wrong with a trip to Daytona Beach or Vero Beach on the east coast, Tampa on the west coast, Orlando in Central Florida, and the Keys located at the tip of the state. You could also try Louisiana — New Orleans is probably where you’ll want to visit. Enjoy the French Quarter’s unique atmosphere, try some authentic Cajun cuisine, and partake in the nightlife.
Whether your RV travel plans to warmer climates are to nearby locations or extended, over-the-road destinations, visit us at Howdy Ranch RV for all your needs. We’ll get you where you want to go with quality service, parts, and accessories.
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