Monday, March 2, 2015

Liftmaster 485LM Replacement Battery

Most folks never think about something like a garage door battery. However you would think about it if for some reason you needed it and it didn't work. For most of us we never realize how much something as inane as a garage door battery might seem until we truly need it. What we are talking about is not your opener in the car, but the battery that sits inside the garage door opener itself.

So why is it important for you to consider the LiftMaster 485LM garage door battery? Safety and reliability. For instance you pull up to the house, electricity is off and you need into the garage, this would be especially important say it was raining cats-and-dogs. Wife or daughter home alone it would be nice for them to get in the house safely.

In a home emergency like a fire or storm and you needed to exit the house quickly, isn’t nice to know a system is in place to help exit the home quickly and safely.

When you consider simply the convenience or home safety, something as small as the battery in your garage door opener can have such great importance. Then the reasons become clear why you should choose a Liftmaster 485LM OEM battery for your garage door opener.

The importance of considering OEM or factory specific brand vs. a like knockoff can be drilled down to a few simple things that will give you pause to make sure you buy a quality brand. Don’t be fooled by brands found on major online shopping sites. Make sure you’re getting an OEM Liftmaster battery.

Safety would of course be the most important aspect of choosing an OEM brand. In case of a home emergency, fire, home intruder or storm, you simply want the garage door opener to work. Liftmaster batteries give your family the peace-of-mind that when you need your garage door to work it will.
If a storm has knocked out the power to your home, wouldn't be nice to know your garage door will open getting you and your car into dry quarters. Your car is out of the elements protected from storm damage. It could also be said it’s just simply nice not to have to get out of your vehicle in a storm and make your way to the front door soaking wet. So the battery is a bit more important than some might think.

Here are some home safety tips for keeping kids safe in the garage from Nationwide Insurance.
When it’s time to replace your garage door battery you will find many choices. The foregoing should have helped you understand why choose a Liftmaster battery vs. an imitation or knock off brand. When you truly need the battery to work as we discussed do you really want to chance your families’ security by choosing a cheaper or lessor brand? Certainly not, and we understand full well the significance our batteries can have on your life. That’s why our batteries are made to such exacting standards as to be called OEM. Your manufacturer trusts our batteries will work when it’s most needed and you can to.

Check out the Liftmaster 485LM Garage Door Battery for your home.
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