Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Changing Air Filters How Often?

Studies have shown that the air inside a vehicle has significantly higher concentrations of exhaust gases than the outside air. Trucks and automobiles produce an exhaust gas tunnel that enables harmful contaminants to be pulled into the following vehicles. Even though most newer vehicles are equipped with cabin air filters, many motorists are not aware they have them in their vehicles.
Cabin air filters are designed to filter contaminants from the incoming air to protect the occupants; the interior; and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of the vehicles. Due to the small size of the contaminants entering the vehicle, cabin air filters require a high efficiency for very small particles. Target efficiency is to capture 100 percent of 0.5-10.0 mm silica particles. Cabin air filters use highly efficient media composed of cellulose and synthetic fibers, and are at times impregnated with carbon to reduce objectionable odors entering the vehicle. To maintain their effectiveness, cabin air filters should be changed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
Cabin air filters are designed to increase quality of life and reduce negative health effects within the vehicle. Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and by removing pollen and other allergens, cabin air filters help ease the discomfort associated with allergies. The filters also remove harmful gases and undesirable odors, and they prevent dust from accumulating on heat exchange equipment. Besides the dangers to driver and passenger comfort and health, a dirty cabin air filter can result in decreased heating and air conditioning performance caused by restricted airflow through the filter.
It’s important that vehicle owners understand the benefits of changing cabin air filters. Improper servicing or continued use of a clogged cabin air filter may hinder a vehicle’s HVAC performance and shorten the life of vital system components.

WIX and MANN-FILTER Cabin Air Filters

AMSOIL carries high-efficiency WIX and MANN-FILTER cabin air filters. WIX cabin air filters feature a multilayer design that traps microscopic airborne particles. In addition, the filters incorporate an activated carbon layer to absorb gases and odors that can cause a variety of health problems.
MANN-FILTER cabin air filters offer optimum ventilation inside the vehicle through low flow resistance, filtering out spores, pollen, pollution, dust and exhaust consistently throughout the entire service interval.
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