Thursday, July 23, 2015

Help for Smelly Cars & RV's

My wife like most women loves wonderful smells in her home and office. She decided to start her own business and chose Scentsy. A company dedicated to wonderful fragrances for the home.

What I learned after she started is they have automotive products to make your car smell good. Being in the automotive industry and RV industry I have to say I get some pretty smelly units tossed my way.

So we throw a couple of the Scentsy sent packs in cars that were owned by heavy smokers. It does not take away the smell but it sure makes the cars smell better. We tried them in some RV's that were super musty and just smelled wrong. Again with wonderful success. It has helped our resale of these units. Some customers are simply willing to get a less expensive unit that may have some interior issues but when we throw in these awesome scents it really does help.

Many of our RV clients have purchased Scentsy warmers to have in their coach while traveling. They are safer than candles because you can actually touch the wax and not burn your hand. Therefore if it spills it's just a mess not a danger.

For my automotive and RV industry colleagues this is great for smelly units that just need a little freshening up.

Scentsy Scent Pack
Scentsy Travel Tin

Scentsy Room Spray

Please check out my wife's web site by clicking here.

Melissa Bruton Independent Scentsy Consultant

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