Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mustang Island State Park

black and white shorebird in shallow waterBreezes are a good companion when you're hiking in the hot Texas summer. Mustang Island State Park offers this on its three miles of beaches. Perhaps you think of it as a place to catch some rays or take a dip in the gulf. Those are some great ways to experience the park, but you will be amazed at what you can discover on a beach hike.  
While enjoying the breeze, you’ll see ghost crabs skittering to their holes in the sand, sea beans from half a world away, several species of shells washed up on shore, and a myriad of birds feeding in the surf and sand. Watch the dunes to catch a glimpse of spotted ground squirrels or kangaroo rats scampering around the colorful railroad vine. During the late spring and early summer keep an eye out for tracks left by nesting Kemp’s Ridley and green sea turtles.
See all the ways to enjoy this park in this video
With hiking shoes or barefoot, any way you choose to enjoy the park, your stress will wash away with the surf!
Bruton Motor Sports News --Corpus Christi, Texas

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