Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nardi Classic Steering Wheels

When one thinks of a Nardi steering wheel, the words sheik, elegant, graceful come to mind if you’re familiar with the brand. For those that know this legendary wheel, you stand in awe of its true magnificence as an automotive art work. This iconic brand stands out supremely in the world’s most prestige’s brands in automotive. Your about to learn why this choice for something seemingly inane as a cars steering wheel. That this simple thing is what has made some of the world’s most famous cars unique indeed.

Understanding the story behind the Nardi Steering Wheel will illuminate for you, this is not just a steering wheel this is a piece of history that you’re about to be a part of.

For those considering purchasing this legendary steering wheel, let’s give you ten good reasons to buy now:
1.       With now over 80 Years of heritage Nardi Steering Wheels have withstood the test of time. Moreover, the craftsmanship, art, elegance, attention to detail, sets this iconic brand apart from any other steering wheel ever built or likely to be built.
2.       The man himself Enzo Ferrari helped the company in 1958. Ferrari a stickler for detail put Nardi steering wheels in all Ferrari models of the day. Nothing is this rich in automotive tradition.
3.       Enrico Nardi was an engineer by trade. His engineering acumen could be found in all Nardi Steering wheels.
4.       Nardi worked as a race driver, truck driver and as a consultant to legendary Italian car builder Vincenzo Lancia. Some will know Lancia cars, a popular car in Europe.
5.       Nardi begins with true craftsmanship, end products were hand crafted to an exacting form. Built by true hand craftsman. Not to be touched by machine, these steering wheels are steeped in rich history, built with caring hands of true pioneers.
6.       Nardi steering wheels can be found on iconic brands such as, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Maserati, McLaren, Jaguar, Lotus, Abarth and BMW. Those that would recognize a Nardi wheel will share in your distinction of car aficionado. This is a class all its own.
7.       Built from a long and prosperous racing heritage. Each wheel Nardi builds, designs are tested on legendary race courses around the world, inside of race machines that themselves are now of legend.
8.       Built today to the same exacting standards that made this steering wheel a part of the most recognizable cars in the world.
9.       Hand crafted to exacting standards using ancient materials, natural leather, briarwoods, using passed down crafting processes that make this wheel legendary.
10.   Lastly if you’re a true car enthusiast owning this iconic piece of automotive history is certainly a “bucket list” choice. When you think of the hands that have gripped a Nardi wheel over the past decades you truly have the opportunity to join in history.

Enrico Nardi touched the automotive landscape in so many ways. Owning a steering wheel made by Nardi is truly having a work of art and must be owned with a sense of stewardship to the brand.
Not only were Enrico Nardi steering wheels legend. What personifies Nardi legend is he had a hand in over sixty sports and racing cars throughout his glorious career. What makes his work so complete is the passion for excellence that drove his career. A man that shunned the limelight for the pursuit of automotive excellence. To be at the pinnacle of world class racing engineering.

Comfort, style and function combined with decades of engineering prowess, make the choice to add a Nardi Steering Wheel to your vehicle or boat is simply a yes. This purchase adds value to your investment and gives you a place at the table of automotive legend.

When your work is synonymous with names like Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren, to have achieved such recognition is to simply show up at the pearly gates of heaven and to say “I have used everything God blessed me with in my life”. 

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