Thursday, September 3, 2015

Texas Fishing License

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Your License This Fall

Man with his catch from bay fishing
  1. Forecast is excellent — rain finally came and the fish are rebounding beautifully
  2. Fishing is affordable fun — have some cheap thrills without 3-D, high def or big screens
  3. Share a pastime that will last a lifetime — the memories will always be bigger than the fish
  4. Connect — fishing is something you can do with the whole family
  5. Disconnect — fishing is something you can do without the whole family
  6. The law — a fine of up to $500 is more expensive and annoying than buying a $30 license
  7. Time in nature — there’s more to enjoy waiting by a lake for a bite than when you're Wii fishing in your living room (and video game fish don’t fry up very well)
  8. Fishing helps you look busy — don’t "flounder" around with nothing to do  
  9. Good investment — 100% of your purchase goes to support conservation efforts in Texas waters, insuring fish will be there tomorrow
  10. In case you get a chance to go fishing — get a license & prove you’re a card-carrying optimist
To buy a license — call 800-895-4284, go online or visit your local fishing retailer.  
(source Texas Parks & Wildlife)
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