Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Accessible Adventures

Editor’s Review: Accessible Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

By Janelle Smith, Recreation.gov

It was after a two-part conversation with a friend and fellow Forest Service employee that I committed to watching nearly two dozen videos produced across Oregon and Washington. I soon realized why she was so passionate about the accessible adventures video project.
Host John Williams takes viewers across dozens of national forests, campsites, trails, historic buildings and much more. John himself is in a wheelchair and wheels his way around these locations to show viewers how easily he can navigate these sites. In John’s own words, “I’ll show you how accessible a site really is so you can decide if you want to include the location in your travel plans.” Along the way, he provides a virtual tour of natural, historic and local attractions.
While I found these videos extremely informative and helpful to people who require accessible accommodations, I was also struck by the scenery and the many locations featured. Each vignette explores communities, farms, wineries, dams, waterfalls, scenic byways, river rafting and so much more.
As a host, John Williams is delightful as he narrates and explores the hundreds of locations featured across Oregon and Washington. What these five-minute videos accomplish can help reduce barriers visitors may have when they want to explore these public spaces. We are proud to showcase this project and hope more people will benefit from this tremendous effort.
If your travels take you to Oregon and Washington, peruse this series of videos as you put your trip together. You might just discover something new and unexpected along the way.

(source recreation.gov)
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