Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Practice Conservation on the Road

Earth Day is just around the corner, and this special day always reminds us to live a greener RV lifestyle. However, we shouldn’t just practice energy and water conservation on April 22; we should practice it every day of the year. The following are several ways you can work harder to save energy and water while living your RV lifestyle.
1. Limit your use of appliance that use AC current.
Inverters are only about 80-percent efficient, which means you’re losing 20 percent in energy conservation when you use your inverter to power items. If you must use your inverter to power some items, be sure to turn it off when not in use.
2. Use small, portable, batter-powdered accessories.
Reading lamps, radios, headlamps and other items can help you save energy by running on batteries instead of your RV’s battery or campground electricity.
3. Run appliances on propane.
If your appliances can function on electricity or propane, always choose the propane option. Be sure to check your propane tank connections for leaks often to ensure safety when using such appliances.
4. Save water by not running water to rinse your dishes.
Instead, dip your dishes in a container filled with water. Purchase a container that fits in your sink, and use that for soapy water and rinse water to resist pouring unused water straight down the drain.
5. Turn off your shower to wash.
It’s easy to spend time relaxing in the shower, watching all of your tank’s water go down the drain unused. Instead of running the water the entire time you’re in the shower, turn the water off while you soap your body and shampoo your hair. Carry a Coleman Solar Shower bag with you for potential times that you run out of shower water while boondocking.
6. Make sure your appliances are working properly.
Bring your RV to our certified service professionals at CCRV to ensure your appliances are working efficiently and safely for the spring and summer RV seasons.
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