Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Transportation Company Factoring Program

Instant Cash Flow When You Need It Most
Tired of the ups and downs of your unpredictable cash flow cycle? Abba Leasing offers a unique blend of finance and system support to transportation companies through our accounts receivable Factoring programs.
We understand the subtleties of the trucking industry and put forth a concerted effort to provide truly professional service to both you AND your customer.
Factoring supplies your business with a predictable, continuous source of operating capital which allows you to:
  • Pay creditors promptly
  • Meet payroll
  • Keep your trucks fueled
  • Handle routine maintenance surprise repair bills
In addition to providing immediate cash of freight bills, we also perform the following services at no additional cost:
  • Credit analysis to help customers you extend credit
  • Routine follow-up on freight bills as they become due
  • Invoice mailing - we even pay the postage
  • Same day funding
To succeed, all business need sufficient cash flow. With more than 20 years of transportation experience, Abba Equipment Leasing wants to be your solid financial partner.
Our stable and consistent management staff can help your company change your cash flow from empty to full so you can continue down the highway of success.

Robert Bruton
Abba Equipment Leasing
factoring invoices

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