Friday, July 29, 2016

Camping with Pets

If your dog is of the water loving kind and you are camping somewhere with a lake or streams, you can expect to get wet. At least expect your dog to get wet. Oh, yeah – and fishing- well, fishing might be somewhat of a difficult task if pooch decides to take a dip instead or to bark at the fish. You might instead plan on enjoying a fun family swim, dog included.
1. Be Aware of Other Animals
When camping, there are always other animals around, be it canine companions to other campers or wild animals in the surrounding woods. So, be prepared for how your dog might react to these animals. It’s one thing when your dog runs off to find a lady friend, but quite another when he runs off to chase a rabbit.
2. Make Sure Your Dog is Vaccinated
It is important to ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date before leaving on vacation with your dog. You never know what kind of animal he might encounter while out in the woods. Even in areas with little to no wild animals can be of danger to your pet. Other animals carry all manner of diseases that can harm your pet if exposed to them.
3. Don’t Forget to Pack
Yes, we know you will not forget your own needed clothes and hygiene supplies, nor will you forget your other handy little supplies for recreation. So, don’t forget your pet’s either. Keep in mind that your dog will need food, water, and the bowls to put it in. He may also need his bed to sleep in if he has a special bed. Leashes and harnesses may be needed for certain areas, such as rest stops en route. Make a list of things you might need for your pet when you make your own packing list.
4. Don’t Forget a Dog Tag
Heaven forbid your best friend on four legs gets lost, but it could happen. So, be prepared for the worst and make sure your dog has his collar on with the properly attached tags indicating where he lives. Include his name along with your address and/or phone number.

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