Tuesday, January 3, 2017

VX2000 Seat Corbeau

Corbeau has by far the widest variety of aftermarket reclining seats available today. With over 20 years experience in aftermarket seating, they are sure to have a reclining seat to meet your needs and budget. The Corbeau Baja RS is the finest reclining suspension seat you will find. The Moab and Baja RS are both direct bolt-in replacements for CJ and YJ Jeeps. The A4, LG1, CR1, TRS, and VX2000 will give you unsurpassed support with a sporty edge. The GTS II and Sports Seat will give you that stock looks with added class and luxury. All Corbeau reclining seats will fit on Corbeau custom brackets, which will allow them to fit in almost any vehicle.

The Baja RS Reclining Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off-road enthusiasts who still want the comfort of a daily driver and the safety of suspension. The Baja RS seat is a direct bolt-in for CJ and YJ Jeeps but will work in any other vehicle with Corbeau custom brackets. We integrated our state-of-the-art reclining technology with the Baja SS Off Road seat and from that came the Baja RS Reclining Off Road Seat. Our expertise on comfort and our experience with reclining performance seats is what makes the Baja RS one of the most advanced reclining suspension seats on the market today. The Baja RS will enhance not only the look of your vehicle but also your overall driving experience. As a rule of thumb, the Baja RS Off Road Seat will fit up to a 42-inch waist while still comfortably fitting smaller drivers. The Baja RS Seat is available in black vinyl/cloth fabric.

  • Driver side
  • Black Vinyl/Blue Cloth
  • Infinite recline Positions
  • Bolster Support
  • Harness Capability
  • Injection Molded Foam
  • Leatherette outside with an anti-slip cloth insert
  • Steel Frame
  • Composite Shell Back
  • May require additional mounting brackets for your application
The VX2000 racing seat is a revolutionary designed reclining seat, ideal for drivers of all sizes. This anatomically advanced seat features an injection molded, composite shell back. This unique and stylish seat will give your interior that added luxury you are looking for. Whether on street, the track, or off-road, the VX2000 racing seat will enhance your overall driving experience. As a rule of thumb, the VX2000 will fit up to a 42-44 inch waist while still comfortably fitting smaller drivers. The VX2000 racing seat is available in Vinyl with Cloth inserts and 100% black Leather.
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