AMSOIL synthetic oil is the industry leader in synthetics. Our signature series oil boasts a 25,000-mile drain interval! Not found in any other oil today. We also carry OE series with 10K change intervals. Available for any engine from your lawnmower to your daily driver, we have the best synthetic oil to choose from.

With a full range of Synthetic products:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Heavy Equipment
  • ATV / Snowmobile
  • Motorcycle
  • Diesel (light & heavy duty)
  • Lubricants (industrial equipment)
  • Grease
  • Fuel Additives
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
To learn more about using AMSOIL products call or visit our website:

888-658-6669 (Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM)

visit our website:

To become an AMSOIL Dealer:

AMSOIL products are sold through independent Dealers -- people looking for a full-time business or to earn extra money on a part-time basis. New Dealers can start an independent AMSOIL Dealership for under $50 and put as much -- or as little -- time into it as they want. The outstanding products offered by AMSOIL comprise a rock-solid base upon which to build a successful business.
The current trend in the United States is the small business. Owning and running a small business guarantees the freedom to work on your own terms and the opportunity to set your own goals. AMSOIL offers all the advantages of a franchise without the large initial investment. The AMSOIL business opportunity offers many advantages that simply cannot be found with other business opportunities.
Above all, AMSOIL provides Dealers with an excellent support system to help them develop their businesses. Training materials, brochures, video content, regular meetings, technical services -- everything Dealers need to begin and build their businesses is available from AMSOIL.

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